Mark These Tips By Experts Before Booking Brazilian Waxing Session

Are you going for a Brazilian waxing first time? Many questions might be popping into your head like would it be hygienic, what if it’s not worth bearing the pain or how to prepare yourself. That’s obvious to think, especially if you are inexperienced. Don’t worry; our helpful tips would guide and prepare you for the first bikini wax session. Check them out below.

5 Important Tips To Keep In Mind Before Going For Brazilian Wax:-

Unlike other waxing methods, bikini wax gives you lots of choices and styles to pick from. You can either go bare or trim in styles like extended, g-string, and more. Whatever you pick, remember these things so that your first experience doesn’t turn out into a nightmare:-

  • Maintain The Ideal Length

If you regularly trim your hair, then Brazilian waxing would be impossible to do as the strip won’t hold the hair. In that case, you have to wait for 3 weeks till hair grows at least 6mm long i.e., ¼ inches. And if they are too long, then trim to sufficient length so that waxing becomes easy.

  • Take Hot Shower

Of course, you can go anytime a day to a salon but take a warm shower before getting pubic hair waxed. It is necessary to open up the pores to prevent the growth ofingrown hair. Use a loofah instead of washing the skin plain to remove the dead cells.

But do not apply any lotion or gel after a shower as these products can make waxing impossible.

  • Ditch The Booze

Since it’s painful, many prefer alcohol to numb the pain. It’s dangerous because alcohol can turn your skin more sensitive than before as it thins the blood. And if your skin is already sensitive, then it can cause bleeding during the process.

Not only beer or wine, avoid caffeine, as it can increase acidity making skin sensitive. So, don’t drink these few hours before the session; however, you can later enjoy a margarita.

  • Relax The Pores

Ice can reduce the pain sensation but applying it during or after the Brazilian wax can result in ingrown hair. That’s because ice closes or tightens the pores making a house for bacteria and ingrown hair.

  • Go For Right Brazilian Waxing 

Basically, there are two hair removal methods- soft wax and hard wax, but some esthetician also uses a combination of two. Which one is best? It depends on skin sensitivity, hair length, and the need for re-application.

Hard wax is best in case you have coarse and strong hair because of the following reasons:

  • Stripless process 
  • Good for re-application on the same area 
  • Need less time and results in cleaner skin
  • Melts at a lower temperature
  • Less painful 

On the other hand, a soft Brazilian wax is best for those with coarse hair and trimmed bikini lines. Both are best and painful too. But, if the esthetician is an expert, the session would be less painful and take not more than an hour. 

We hope all your confusion regarding Brazilian waxing is clear. Get it done by experts from Sweet Violet spa that offers hygienic and best beauty services at home in dubai.

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